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Camphill Primary School, Ballymena
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'Rights Respecting Schools'


Camphill has achieved 'Bronze' Level status as a 'Rights Respecting School'. We now continue our journey by endeavouring to achieve 'Silver' Level status.  

All of the children in school have attended assemblies where they gained an understanding, at their own level, as to what it means and what is involved in being a RRS.  

A steering group ,which includes pupils, classroom assistants, a parent representative and the RRS lead teacher, Mrs.McLarnon,  has been established.

Pupils have been actively involved in class based activities, examining and broadening their understanding of what it means for children to have their rights-as defined by UNICEF- met. A global approach has been encouraged and children have considered some situations where children have their rights denied. For example, children who live in countries where child labour exists, are not having their right to an education fulfilled.  

Through being a RRS , we believe our children will be helped in their journey towards being responsible and caring citizens.

Tuesday Nov. 20th was World Children’s Day. Some pupil members of our steering group joined a live discussion with the Commissioner for Children’s Rights in NI. We were delighted when one of our questions was selected to be answered. Our question was, 'Do enough people outside of education know about Children’s Rights?' (Ask your child if they know what her reply was.)

Please take the opportunity to look at some photographs depicting the delivery and discussion around what 'Rights' are and how they can be met and sadly, situations where children may be denied their Rights.



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