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Camphill Primary School, Ballymena
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'Our Wee Place' by Sophie Kirtley & Ellan Rankin - A gift home to all P1 pupils.

6th Jan 2022

'Our Wee Place' - by Sophie Kirtley & Ellan Rankin

The Northern Ireland Office has produced a children’s picture book, titled “Our Wee Place”, and are providing free copies of this book for all of our P1 pupils this year. This book will be home with all P1 pupils on Friday 7th January. 

The book has been created to sensitively reflect on the experience of growing up in Northern Ireland, drawing on cultural touchpoints, landmarks and traditions that will resonate with children everywhere, irrespective of their background. Most importantly it includes a fun and touching story of ‘Emily’ and her ‘Granda’ which we think children and parents will love, as she navigates and resolves a falling out with her friend and joins her Granda in journeying around both the landscape of his past, and their shared present.

Created by a local professional author and illustrator - Sophie Kirtley and Ellan Rankin, respectively - they understand the experience of growing up here and what makes this such a special place, and they have really reflected that in this book. 

The book has been commissioned as part of the Our Story in the Making ( programme to mark the Centenary in 2021. It is an inclusive story about the experience of growing up here, and subtly touches on the ideas of resolving conflict and promoting understanding and tolerance. 

If any other families would be interested in this book - attached is the cover and some sample pages to allow you to view the outline of the story and judge the tone and look of the book. Copies of the book are being distributed to libraries and Sure Start Centres across the region.